Utah Company Offers Free Book to Stamp out Financial Illiteracy

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 05/12/2015 – – Financially Fit, LLC announces a new campaign aimed at helping Americans stamp out financial illiteracy.

Financially Fit founder Steve Down, is offering a free copy of his book, “Financially Fit for Life”, to every home in North America; an estimated 100 million books. The book offers the education and tools needed to put every American household on a path to financial security and financial freedom.

A highly sought after speaker and mentor on matters of personal wealth and finance, Down has inspired millions over the radio and through personal speaking engagements nationwide. It has become his personal goal to help people reach financial independence, something he works to accomplish in all his business endeavors.

Most recently Down started a restaurant revolution with “Even Stevens Sandwiches”, with the goal to stamp out hunger. For every sandwich served, the restaurant gives a sandwich to a local non-profit. The non-profit partner then gives the sandwich to a person in transitional need; sandwich for sandwich. In less than one year, Even Stevens has donated nearly 100,000 sandwiches from just their two locations in Salt Lake City, Utah. The plan is to expand that base of donations by building 100 new Even Stevens locations in the next five years, in turn feeding millions of hungry people nationwide.

“I now want to turn that hunger for food into a hunger for knowledge and teach people how to turn financial despair into hope. I want to give them the necessary tools to increase their financial wealth and give them a freedom they may have never felt was possible. I can show anyone how to create immediate income and become debt free in five years including a way to pay off their home. Better yet, I will teach them how to become financially free within ten years or less,” said Steve Down, author of “Financially Fit for Life”.

Steve Down Companies include Even Stevens, The Falls Event Center, Financially Fit, FCEA and Storm Maker Media. Each company has a foundation in creating stronger and more successful local communities, through employment opportunities, charitable donations, financial education, and affordability.

To learn more about the free book offer visit www.financiallyfit.com/freebook, or call 801-784-0881.


Dan Hamilton

Director of Public Relations

Storm Maker Media, LLC

Tel: (801) 996-4214

Email: dhamilton

SOURCE: Financially Fit


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